Sunday, March 11, 2012

Teeth Whitening targeted

It is understood that most of the whitening principle used bleach. Bleaching on tooth enamel (enamel) will have some impact; teeth can become "sour", especially for the simple pursuit of the bleaching effect, leaving the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is too large, but also affect the structure of the teeth, tooth decalcification.

It is understood that in addition to porcelain crowns, full porcelain crown, cast porcelain crown, but no matter what material the premise of America teeth are teeth grinding to dental instruments make the change , and sometimes even need to make the tooth nerve inactivation. Thus, the method of this cosmetic dental some damage to the teeth, porcelain crowns can not be doing too much.

Aligned teeth, not just aligned teeth will be able to get away. Patients front teeth appear to have been corrected, but the back Oral medical profession teeth whitening method of the molar chaos, usually do not have obvious symptoms. But the teeth bite confusion, the passage of time can cause symptoms of joint disease.

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