Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dental implant - fix the best treatment for missing teeth

Tooth loss, there are many ways to remedy, but the most fashionable remedy is to choose a dental implant, dental implant is today the best treatment for missing teeth.

The dental implant is a biological material such as titanium alloy, titanium or bioceramics made ​​of artificial root, by the method of surgery, with an electric drill to make a hole in the missing teeth at the gum on the artificial root implantation which until the implant was gum in the bones surrounding the long prison solid, then at the top of missing teeth, a denture connected to the implant.

Oral tell you, the dental implant is a root commonly used in surgery of the edentulous ridge method, implanted in the alveolar bone implant to be implant and dental instruments bone tissue repair implant after a good combination. Repair a single tooth, multiple teeth, or even full mouth of teeth can be repaired. The advantages of implant denture where missing teeth that can be where the teeth do not damage adjacent teeth. Fixed prosthesis, comfortable chewing and high efficiency. The drawback to the surgery, expensive, long time, sometimes you need to bone graft.

The teeth of this method function, aesthetics and The psychological state of complete denture patients comfort are very good, but do not have any impact on adjacent teeth, the patient feels the original real teeth is almost no difference was welcomed by many patients, the first choice of individual patients with missing teeth.

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