Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Whitening will cause bad breath?

Regular smoking, alcohol abuse, the teeth will inevitably yellow black, which has seriously affected the normal people socially life, you brought a lot of inconvenience in the day-to-day work and socially because teeth yellow black, so you can not be confident smile, whitening is now more popular whiten teeth, Whitening cause bad breath?

Whitening it hurts?

The whitening principle is that penetration of the drug through the cold light dental tissue, so as to achieve whitening effect. Belongs to a chemical bleaching, tooth enamel damage greatly, will easily lead to dentin lost necessary to protect the hot and cold allergy pain. Exogenous pigment contamination of endogenous pigmentation is more suitable for use Whitening. Fast, safe, long duration and the effect of significant advantages. Whitening is a regular latest teeth whitening technology popular in Europe and the United States, it can not only remove the pigmentation of the tooth surface, and into the teeth deep bleaching effect to. Based on clinical trials showed that the use of teeth whitening technology, the effect can be increased 5-14 vita Levels, is not only better than similar products home braces whitening effect, more than 30%. Operating process takes only 30 minutes, no side effects, whitening effect can be maintained for more than two years. The whitening process is done through the instrument, and dental instruments so does not cause bad breath after teeth whitening.

The whitening operation time is not very long, only 30 minutes. The low temperature cold light, completely avoid the tooth nerve stimulation operation. The main component of the whitening agent, hydrogen peroxide, security has been decades in the teeth bleaching. Hydrophilic drugs and How to care for good baby permanent teeth no contact with the gums whitening process will not cause any harm to the tooth structure and enamel. One-time, no stimulation, no side effects of whitening effect lasts more than two years. Therefore been recognized as the most effective and safest teeth bleaching whitening technology.

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