Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Implant no upper age limit

The teeth of people types of work, use the combination of a titanium root is placed within the original bone defect teeth to support dentures as a treatment in accordance with the bones of different conditions and the choice of different types of work tooth and bone. Kinds of dental treatment is usually divided into two stages: planting the first implant of the first phase dental instruments of the bone until the bone healing after the second surgery, to form a good gum form, and then make the top of the dentures. The traditional fixed bridge dentures need to be before and after tooth grinding small load, the people type of work the teeth without breaking their teeth will be able to produced fixed dentures. More missing teeth and the number of the teeth of the human type of work can still make you have a fixed dentures; if the condition is less than the implant can also be used to support your dentures, provide better stability than conventional dentures and chewing force. The teeth will of the human type of work after the MBT correction technology to make your gums more orderly repair of natural teeth exactly the same functionality and appearance are the same. People Trades teeth no age limit for missing teeth and more, need to wear dentures of elderly people is a great boon.

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