Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What is a dental implant?

Often heard it was suggested to do the dental implant dental defects, and then what is a dental implant? The dental implant is not really able to grow a real tooth, it is actually a simulation for dental restoration.

The dental implant similar to dental instruments a nail-like metal implants, this root "nail" to act as a root implant to the alveolar bone in the position of missing teeth, and then as a basis bordered dentures.

Biomechanical principles of dental implants and natural teeth, dental implant can withstand the powerful force, chewing efficiency than conventional dentures have greatly improved, the Third Deputy of the human teeth, "said.

The dental implant normal useful life of more than Introduction to Materials in dental implant 30 years, as long as the elderly do not have serious systemic disease, implant surgery at age unrestricted.

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