Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Porcelain teeth is not the cost of health

It is reported that some patients inlaid porcelain teeth, over time there will be a small amount of metal deposition. Doctors’ advice patients, the teeth, especially for people with allergies, are sure to alert "dentures allergy".

Has two major structural metal porcelain teeth, the inner layer is a metal, the outer layer of the ceramic body. Done before porcelain teeth, metal layers are mostly made ​​of nickel-chromium alloy. Nickel ion instability in the nickel-chromium alloy, free easy to gums red, swollen gums, pain, bleeding, time will be black. Physical allergy will be allergic to the metal, resulting in rashes, itching of the skin and mucous membranes. Of course, the clinical use of the materials are dental instruments in line with safety requirements, even if there is a small amount of metal deposition will not cause "poisoning", but not fatal, do not panic. Allow doctors to remove the source of stimulation, removal of the nickel-chromium alloy, porcelain teeth, put on the precious metal or ceramic porcelain teeth, you can eliminate the symptoms. Only the cost of the latter to be much higher.

People fixing dentures, be sure to stay in mind, to understand their physical allergy, such as childhood asthma, encountered pollen, dust, paint or bean allergy. If worry can does first allergy test to rule out the sensitized material? Patients should try to health conditions, and mature technology specialist hospitals or large hospitals to the denture. Due to the brittleness of ceramic, porcelain teeth mounted, try to eat too hard crabs, bones and other food.

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