Thursday, June 7, 2012

Without molar tetracycline will be able to whitening

A confident smile, exposing white teeth. For many people, this is easily the action because a mouthful of yellow teeth, black teeth so many successful people, the beauty who secretly regret. According to America teeth, dental experts, tooth color changes in a variety of reasons, the most serious is the impact of drugs on the teeth.

"In fact, tetracyclines do not have molars, can also be White. The art dental instruments unique charm is to maximize the retention, protection of natural teeth." America teeth, dental experts so introduced. It is understood that the dental introduction of international aesthetic restorations latest research results, combined with 22 years of oral diagnosis and treatment of practical experience, and subversive to create a set of oral total solution - Art Glister. Its purpose is to allow the teeth to solve all sorts of health problems, so the more healthy and beautiful teeth.

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