Monday, February 27, 2012

Notes on tooth extraction in elderly

Elderly high-risk population of some systemic diseases, in the extraction of the time, special attention, experts say, tooth extraction in elderly should pay attention to these conditions: high blood pressure, heart rate, arrhythmia or aggravate cardiac insufficiency , angina attack. Tooth extraction in elderly how to avoid such a situation arises?

Shorten the extraction time: extraction time over 5 minutes, 17% of heart rate was accelerated, 37 percent of high blood pressure, 65% of arrhythmia, and 14% of ischemic ECG changes. This requires skilled doctors to operate patient ready with and strive to be completed within 5 minutes.

Anesthesia should be fully: To observe the poor anesthetic effect can make 42% of high blood pressure, 55% of the arrhythmia. That better or lidocaine local dental instruments anesthesia, painless tooth extraction can be achieved in full anesthesia safer.

Avoid mental stress: tension can make 36 percent of high blood pressure, 63% of arrhythmia, and 12% of ischemic ECG changes. Therefore, the extraction should dispel concerns, do not over-stretched. Taking the stability luminal tranquilizers and propranolol the heart of the matter, helps to eliminate the impact of mental stress.

Attention to the cardiac care: preoperative should do a comprehensive examination, an accurate evaluation of cardiac function. Patients with poor We must pay attention to the problem heart function should be rigorous cardiovascular monitoring and strict control of the extraction time and do painless tooth extraction.

The oldest old should be cautious: the tolerance of cardiovascular disease over 70 years of extraction is worse, more chance of danger, the need for tooth extraction, should be fully considered before given.


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