Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The steps of Orthodontics

Dentition, are also worried that the orthodontist a long time, too much trouble, and want to orthodontic concerns. Orthodontic experts believe that many people knowingly irregular teeth, not pretty, but do not want to go to the appliance are afraid of the pain and trouble.

The first visit to the formal sector first treatment. Doctor according to the wishes of the patient's deformity, preliminary estimates of the treatment program in general, about treatment, treatment time, costs and pay attention to the matter told orthodontic. Orthodontic correction intention, the doctor arranged for the patient photography, X-ray films, India, dental wax. Doctors to dental instruments measure and analyze this photo, X-ray photos, teeth model, according to the analysis of these data results to determine treatment options.

The doctor detailed treatment plan with the orthodontist communication, request for straightening teeth agreed and signed informed consent form, many orthodontics in the tooth wear of the appliance, some fillings, scaling, etc..

The most commonly used treatment methods into the activities of appliance and fixed appliance two methods. Active appliance by the patient self-remove and put on the cements in the teeth on the fixed appliance can not be removed. Simple treatment of a broad and complex treatment in deciduous teeth of and for the teeth of the permanent teeth of young people and adults. Severe bone deformity may also need surgery to treatment; it must be the doctor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Oral ulcers associated with what disease Department of Orthodontics, joint research, to determine the program and collaboration.

Maintain the dentition deformities have been corrected, the doctor has to meet the requirements, the removal of the original appliance, and then also need to give the patient to wear a retainer to prevent the teeth shift from a professional point of view. Maintaining general also need more than a year, about every three months a return visit.

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