Monday, February 20, 2012

Oral ulcers is not itself immune disease?

The human immune system is a relatively stable system, its balance, once broken; it is easy to get sick. But does not mean that an exception is the autoimmune disease in the immune indicators.

A large number of studies have shown that some immune parameters in patients with oral ulcers are not normal, but there are also some people it is normal to disease qualitative differences.

Many scholars believe that the disease are autoimmune diseases, in accordance with: the protracted illness repeatedly, sensitive to corticosteroids, there dental instruments were reports of about 70% -80% of recurrent oral ulcers anti-oral mucosal saline organizations pulp auto antibodies , while only 10% of the control group.

But it was also noted that these antibodies against the non-specificity of the oral mucosa, and in patients with recurrent oral ulcers were not investigated, see the anti-nuclear antibodies, and as one of the main indicators of autoimmune diseases, antinuclear antibodies, showing a variety of autoimmune diseases, so the disease can not be fully identified as autoimmune diseases. Normal human there is an extremely complex and sophisticated immune-conditioning system, including some immune cells and What is gum immune competent cells for a variety of factors; they form a complex regulatory network, controlling the normal immune function.

Although clearly not able to recurrent oral ulcers classified as autoimmune diseases team, but to be adjusted according to the patient's immune status is still very necessary. A balanced and stable immune system to resist disease is always favorable.

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