Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Main factors cause mouth ulcers

Oral ulcers are common oral symptoms, patients with problems not only in the diet, and also bring a lot of inconvenience in life. Therefore, we have to look at the causes of the disease.

1. Trauma. Traumatic ulcers accounted for the largest ratio of all oral ulcers. Common causes of teeth bites, especially irregular arrangement of teeth is the most prone to this phenomenon. Such ulcers, as long as the removal of the cause of the trauma, wound usually within a week will heal. Treatment, the patient can be coated balm or syrup smear the affected area to prevent infection.

2. Thrush. General saying big temper or lack of sleep caused by the oral decay. It was the second traumatic ulcers. The clinical manifestations of recurrent the multiple recurring, and at the same time several ulcers, and very painful. Thrush ulcer surface is flat, around lap blush.

3. Oral cancer. In addition to the mass in the form of oral cancer caused by ulcers, oral ulcers may also appear. But such ulcers around often appear hardened edge and dental instruments ulcers centric organization, will be presented veracious or cauliflower-like surface.

4. Radiation or chemotherapy. Head or neck cancer radiotherapy, or chemotherapy during normal oral mucosa cells will damage due to radiation or Pale yellow teeth healthy drugs, white blood cell count decreased to produce a full mouth extensive ulcer. In severe cases, patients will experience painful swallowing difficulties, or even need to rely on nasogastric tube feeding.

5. Other reasons. Other reasons cause mouth ulcers, erosive oral lichen planus, pemphigus and other autoimmune diseases, or viral, fungal infections, as well as drug toxicity caused by Steven Johnson syndrome, but the latter is a relatively rare situation

In summary, the above cause mouth ulcers incentives introduced above need to pay more attention to early preventive measures. Oral ulcers are common, but also the possibility of cancer, early treatment.

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