Monday, August 13, 2012

Orthodontics will not affect the face?

Does orthodontics can improve some defective teeth, such as missing teeth, eye teeth, teeth, prognathism, orthodontics, people often worry about the face because of orthodontic changes? Orthodontics will not affect the face?

Patients do not need to worry too much about orthodontics cause face changed appearance, leading to face disorders. Orthodontic technology, patients can get pretty neat teeth through orthodontics. Oral teeth in order, so consumers face will become a little flat. In addition, due to the orthodontic process may have their teeth extracted, not only does not have an impact on the face, there are some beautifying effect.

The face of orthodontics

Most of the cases of orthodontic tooth movement range are front and rear direction, so the appearance of the face side to change the maximum. Such as buck teeth cases, lips because the incisor later move will become easier to close prison, while the incisor is not easily exposed, whether from the side or dental instruments from a positive perspective, the face will look. Involves the stability, orthodontic dental arch width change is not large. Even though in the case of some young people may take rapid maxillary expansion technique to a narrow maxillary arch appliance, but the face width should not have much impact.

Face changes caused by the growth and development of the patient because of the growth beyond the control of doctors, the face changes of adult patients with possible changes in the correction period is not convenient to eat, pain, psychological stress and How to do early childhood tooth decay other life habits of the human body change of thin, causing the face changed.

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