Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dental attention to what later

In fact, the most important set of teeth is to keep the mouth clean, not because it is not to love it dentures, denture teeth after the half-truths are, they should be treated equally, with the correct way to care for them. After the set of dentures should note the following:
1. Real teeth and dentures oral health care is especially important. Fixed denture cleaning can not be removed, should be noted that after dinner, before bed, gargle, regular brushing. Should be taken down cleaning dentures, the remaining teeth should be taken to Introduce three dental implant technology regular brushing to prevent food residues remain, to keep real clean teeth and dentures, particularly to prevent the solid abutment for denture debris, plaque accumulation resulting from caries or periodontitis, which affects the life of dentures.

2. Wearing dentures new dentures, especially activities like wearing new shoes, as there is a process of adaptation, should take the initiative to accept it dental instruments psychologically, to adapt to it, but if there is significant pain, difficulty, etc. should be worn to take time to find a doctor in fine-tuning until adjusted.

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