Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why do gums bleed?

Not long ago, a 26-year-old man, spontaneous bleeding gums and occasionally more than a month. Busy because of work, so pumping time on weekends and holidays, at a local hospital for treatment, cleaning teeth treatment. The day after cleaning teeth, there is more than full-mouth bleeding gums wide, on the same day at midnight, to the dental hospital emergency room bleeding. Doctors used to pay renin, Monteggia fluid and other hemostatic cotton sheets, ineffective hemostasis, bleeding after the Saiga with periodontal powder, barely stopped. Taking into account the wide range of dental instruments patients with bleeding gums, non-inflammatory characteristics, in order to probe the cause, please Division of Hematology, consultation, by laboratory tests for early diagnosis of acute leukemia.

Bleeding gums is a common dental clinic, study its causes can be divided into local factors and systemic disease categories. Local causes are: the most common dental calculus stimulus. Because the stones attached to the tooth neck will often continue to stimulate the gums, causing gum inflammation and bleeding. followed by periodontal disease. As the teeth surrounding tissue lesions, the gingival edema, inflammation, capillary dilatation and congestion in the event of improper chewing or brushing stimulation, often cause bleeding gums. Once again, cavities stimulation. Teeth not Whitening is the process like timely fill neck cavity, allowed to develop to the gingival margin, the formation of brown-black cavities, due to its jagged, and sharp, and often will stimulate the gums, causing ulcers and bleeding gums.

The common local lesions caused by bleeding gums, as long as the timely processing of local lesions, inflammation immediately after bleeding.

Need to guard against is that some systemic diseases may also cause bleeding gums, blood disease such as acute and chronic leukemia, hemophilia (coagulation factor deficiency), cirrhosis, hypersplenism, etc. caused by low blood clotting function, symptoms of bleeding gums may occur.

Therefore, those after removal of local incentives and other anti-inflammatory treatment, there are still bleeding gums, should try to go to blood Diseases for further examination, a clear cause, prompt treatment to avoid misdiagnosis.

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