Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ultrasonic scaling is good or bad

Ultrasonic scaling is the use of ultrasonic scaler head of high-frequency vibration, shock and the teeth are loose stones. Blast cleaning teeth is to use high pressure spray of soluble "sand" the surface of the teeth smoke spot, tea scale, rapid and efficient removal of pigment, while polishing the role of the tooth surface bright and clean, fresh mouth. Regular scaling, the timely removal of plaque, so that H. pylori in the oral cavity have no place, conducive to the prevention and treatment of chronic periodontitis, but also help prevent H. pylori into the stomach, thereby reducing dental instruments chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer and the incidence of gastric cancer.

What is finished after ultrasonic scaling, let us look at some related matters ultrasonic scaling, ultrasonic scaling to facilitate good for what we make judgments.

Indications: Persons suffering from gingivitis and periodontitis who need ultrasonic scaling. In addition, healthy people should also be regularly scaling

Contraindications: Disable at home of cardiac pacemakers, blood diseases such as acute leukemia, aplastic anemia, AIDS patients. Uncontrolled disease diabetes, high blood pressure, acute periodontal abscess is not scaling.

Ultrasonic scaling is a highly specialized technical work, the use of ultrasonic scaler, scaling, also need an hour or so. According to patients reflect, in some dental clinics Beautiful love for beautiful teeth flash installed or beauty salons in scaling, just 10 minutes. Regular oral health care institutions is certainly not the case. This place is not formal scaling, there is great harm.

First, only remove visible tartar, while leaving most of the pathogenic role of deep tartar, reach the purpose of prevention and treatment of periodontal disease.

Second, the damage to the gums, especially for exposed root after removal of tartar can not further the professional and timely treatment of patients not only lead to pain, but also increase the periodontal condition.

Third, can easily cause cross-infection, gave rise to undue regret. Therefore, scaling the place to be carefully chosen, should go to regular hospitals to find highly trained medical staff to serve your scaling.

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