Sunday, November 27, 2011

What is a dental implant?

Dental implant is made ​​of artificial materials implanted at one end of the implant within the edentulous ridge of bone or periosteum, the other side exposed to the oral cavity, in the form of a realistic exposure to end production of dentures. Successful form of dental implant not only realistic, beautiful, comfortable, and, like real teeth and masticatory function. As the implant to achieve a human has been longing for the "regeneration of teeth grow a third" of the dream, so it is recognized by the medical profession of oral medicine in the 21st century one of the most important achievements.

The basic dental implant treatment is: the first implant to surgical implantation of the jaws. The upper part of the pile exposed in the mouth, and then connected to the pile on the artificial teeth. This approach completely changed the traditional dentures, support and retention ways to make dentures directly connected with alveolar bone. Not only greatly improve the dental instruments denture retention, stability, and will restore chewing function to a level close to natural teeth

Planted in various series, with Sweden's first implant of the most reliable type of bone fusion. The technology by more than 10,000 patients to prove. First, Fourth Military Medical University Dental Hospital to introduce the new technology, after 10 years of research and practice, combined with China's national conditions be improved, developed a series of How to after the denture should be keep teeth clean supporting implant devices, to explore a set of technical practices in the clinical application, was very satisfied with the results. Currently has patients from across the country produced.

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