Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tooth restoration dental United States at once

Many people are envious of the stars that a neat and clean, white teeth, in fact, many of them after the teeth are the teeth for porcelain beauty. Thus, many white-collar workers have to make porcelain teeth as a cosmetic fashion.

Microleakage porcelain teeth is the best, most realistic color effect dental prosthesis. It uses natural teeth with porcelain powder similar to the low melting temperature in a vacuum melting furnace crafted porcelain. Porcelain teeth for a wide range, such as irregular individual teeth, teeth too loose, broken teeth, missing teeth, tetracycline, enamel hypoplasia, dental abnormalities and dental instruments other cosmetic repair. For severe tetracycline, while incomplete type enamel, the tooth surface defects of the tooth repair, the repair can achieve the desired effect.

Porcelain treatment time is short, usually two to three times to complete treatment. Also, porcelain teeth, or according to the requirements of patients around the tooth Implant technology - computer navigation implant color than the color and color, tooth color made ​​out of real, natural, and wear, deformation, good biocompatibility, non-irritating oral tissue, easy to clean.

Because high-quality porcelain teeth and a high degree of simulation, has been more and more patients of all ages.

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