Monday, January 30, 2012

Detailed natural advantages of dental implant

Edentulous implant patients are now more and more attention and favor, what causes this phenomenon? According to the center of the mouth dental experts, dental implant is so popular, because it means and traditional dentures repair compared with many other incomparable natural advantages, let's take a look at these advantages in detail.

1. Masticatory functions much better than many traditional dentures.

2. Has a strong retention and stability, the same as real teeth rooted in the patient's mouth.

3. May be less grinding or grinding their teeth really.

4. Not necessary dentures and denture base ring, large plastic base does not lead to the slow and uncomfortable sense of taste.

5. Small size does not reveal the metal, beautiful, help maintain oral hygiene.

6. Dental implant surgery is a smaller alveolar surgery, similar to the extraction, use of local anesthesia, trauma, surgery can eat, almost no pain. Implant surgery usually requires only several minutes to several hours that can be completed. Because the choices are excellent compatibility with human biological materials, dental implant on the human body does not dental instruments produce any adverse side effects. Even if the implant osseointegration failure of replantation after removal method can be improved or changed into ordinary denture.

7. Prevention of the bone to attract, keep the alveolar bone. Because of these advantages, so the implant also known as "the third man of teeth." After 40 years After tooth extraction "into trouble" of development, dental implant developed into a mature, reliable, high success rate of new technology, is widely accepted in Western countries.

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