Monday, January 2, 2012

Treatment yellow teeth and black teeth

Who do not want to have white teeth, it makes you laugh even more brilliant. If due to various factors make your teeth yellow, black, then the only way is to be treated.

Yellow teeth, teeth that is yellow. There are three reasons for the formation: the first is tooth enamel plaque, also known as dental fluorosis, the fluorine concentration in drinking water too high. When the fluoride concentration of 1 ppm, it will affect the calcification process of tooth, the tooth surface yellow, uneven, punctate or strip pitting defects. Tooth enamel plaques often occur in tooth development before age 5, when calcification. The second is the tetracycline, the result of dental instruments childhood often take tetracycline. It combined with calcium in the body, produces a tetracycline compound of calcium deposition in the crown on. The third is smoking, tobacco caused material buildup on the teeth.

Treatment of dental fluorosis, etching can be covered with light-curing of cosmetic surgery with good results. Control the amount of fluoride in water to prevent dental fluorosis is a fundamental way. Tetracycline can be 30% hydrogen peroxide bleaching, or with light-curing treatment with acid, the latter the best results. Smoking causes yellow teeth, shaving equipment available. Peroxide bleaching is the treatment of abnormal tooth color of the most advanced methods.

Tooth for the tooth surface is black and hence the name, common causes of cigarettes, iodine, silver, mercury, manganese and other cool color quality. Traumatic blood circulation stopped dead dental pulp can be dark brown. Black teeth or shaving equipment available etching treatment with light-curing treatment, the effect is good.

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