Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Teeth need to do to prepare before planting

In the teeth grow; we look at several aspects to do the preparatory work.

1. Teeth before planting design

Dental implant surgery, we should first take the pictures and other data collection model to determine the type of repair, planting systems, implant number, location, direction, length, and then use the template to produce implant surgery, so surgery can be accurately carried out smoothly .

2. Routine dental examination before planting

Check the location of missing teeth, gap size, the width of alveolar bone, alveolar ridge condition, mucosal tissue conditions, according to their size, width and height options, and can grow several kinds of implant.

3. Radiological examination

Mainly about bone density and the number and availability of disease. Dental films may be a more clear understanding of bone density, some understanding of the dental instruments number of alveolar bone. And periodontal tissue adjacent teeth, and root tip of tooth structure. Jaw panoramic film, you can understand the alveolar ridge height, the nasal floor, maxillary height, the case of inferior alveolar nerve, mental foramen position. Spiral CT, can accurately understand the alveolar bone height, width, accurate positioning and preoperative simulation of surgery. Posterior area of the plant height and the maxillary sinus due to the problems of inferior alveolar nerve, spiral CT examination is necessary.

Chengdu bridge dental experts remind us that, in addition to the Root canal treatment in the control of apical above considerations other than three points, before planting the teeth but also the use of some antibiotics, so that it can better inhibit the bacteria.

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