Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to solve the dental injuries?

Life invariably some unexpected damage to our teeth hurt. Incisors in the face of emergent status, most likely knocked out by external forces. After being knocked out many incisors that have been useless this extracted teeth, let it fall off, then quickly went to the hospital to deal with the wound.

In fact, the incisors being knocked, as long as there is no grinding, or cross-sectional crown and root intact, or the alveolar bone surrounding the root fractures but not in vitro although it is still useful. Dentist, it can be implanted in the alveolar bone, after a fixed 3 weeks, can long stability. Teeth in vitro shorter, the better the long-term effects. In other words, re-implant dental instruments retained longer. Therefore, in vitro incisor after trauma, the body should be put away from the incisors to the clinic rushed to the hospital as soon as possible.

Incisor is under attack, may destroy half of the crown, or the crown have been interrupted, then the teeth to cold, hot, sour, sweet and so stimulate the sensitive, even painful, to the diet and pronunciation have some impact . Most people think, crown broken, that there are ugly pain, residual roots are willing to unplug and re-fitted white dentures. In fact, a broken tooth in most cases, treatment can be repaired. Repaired after extraction of teeth than dentures firmly set much to restore appearance and function.

Dental damage by external forces, if only limited to enamel defects, as long as the blunt edge of the defect on it. Dental defects to dentin, sensitive to external stimuli, can be resolved through desensitization therapy can also blunt the sharp edges. If too many defects affect the How to treat a single missing tooth appearance, on the need for restorative treatment. Should the pulp is damaged, first for treatment of dental pulp, and then do the repair form. Only the site of broken teeth in the gum below 3mm, then consider the remaining part of the disconnect.

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