Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Personality into your custom porcelain teeth

Experts fine materials and equipment operating skills and equally important, for example:

1. Application to take imported silicon rubber material model, modulo timing accuracy of moderation;
2. To prevent pain and discomfort, pain-free imports of the province's exclusive application of anesthesia instrument;
3. Preparation of the tooth to be a very delicate operation skills, please contact your physician face to face communication, choose carefully.

Pay attention to dental health standards of beauty: the positional relationship between the teeth and lips, teeth, proportional relationship between the teeth the ratio between length and width adjustment, the teeth arranged in the direction, angle, tilt, reverse the degree of subtle changes, each tooth form of fine-tuning, are likely to affect the whole charm of a smile. Therefore, a new era for you to create, and must be unique to your exclusive porcelain teeth.
In a sense, the mouth of the fitness level of an exuberant vitality is an expression, but also reflects the level of quality of life advantages and disadvantages. A neat, white teeth to bring a smile, not only gives a sense of beauty, but also the endorsement of high-quality dental instruments healthy life. Smile, life in the United States the most vivid expression, will become the core of aesthetic studies of oral medicine.

To promote the beauty of teeth "smile aesthetics," so that you shine a perfect smile.

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