Friday, December 30, 2011

How to prevent inflammation of porcelain teeth

Beautiful white teeth, and no one want to have! But no matter what things are there two sides, closest to the natural color of the current beauty fix is ​​fixed porcelain dental restoration, dental restorations each have some defects, porcelain teeth for various reasons may also cause inflammation, so how to prevent inflammation of the porcelain teeth?

Prevention is the key porcelain dental inflammation. So how to prevent inflammation of porcelain teeth? Periodontitis, dental calculus, oral ulcers, gingivitis, gum abscess, food impaction, and is not suitable dentures, are causing the gums to stimulate contraction of the dental instruments reason, it should be checked regularly to the hospital for treatment, and for the oral self-care knowledge of the consultation; for already shrinking gums, you can also surgery.

In addition, the porcelain teeth should also pay attention to the prevention of inflammation of the points are: gingival recession caused by periodontal disease, brush your teeth, easy bleeding, teeth exposed. Do not brush too hard, brushing too hard can cause gingival Three Mistakes of teeth whitening Note recession, the root exposed. If you are sensitive to hot and cold food or drink, you can replace the toothbrush with soft bristles. If tooth sensitivity increases, to seek the help of specialist periodontal disease be cured.

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