Sunday, December 11, 2011

Porcelain teeth allows you to quickly leave the teeth malformations

Refers to porcelain dental surgery porcelain dental restoration by dental surgery to achieve deformity correction, about the teeth arranged in neat rows, restore teeth to normal occlusal function. Porcelain teeth straightening teeth biggest advantage is time, pain, and complete dental cosmetic, but also effectively prevent blocking the caries, plaque and other produce.

Correction of the advantages of porcelain teeth

1. Change the arrangement of teeth and tooth color: When you are more serious dental fluorosis or tetracycline, but not neatly arranged in the teeth, orthodontic approach can only change the arrangement of teeth, make your teeth white and tidy, and not change the color of dental instruments teeth . Porcelain can also correct way to solve the arrangement of teeth and tooth color problem.

2. Change the arrangement of teeth and tooth morphology: If your tooth is too large or too small, not very coordinated appearance, method of orthodontic tooth shape powerless to change, and correction of porcelain teeth in order to solve the same time, a corresponding adjustment of the tooth shape, to make it look more coordinated.

3. Time is short: correction of the biggest advantages of Course of development of the root canal treatment porcelain teeth are short, only a week, twice on the line treatment. Orthodontic a long time, adult orthodontics usually takes about two years, during a return visit to a month.

4. Choose a large space costs: the cost of orthodontic treatment is not very different, but there are a variety of dental porcelain materials, prices vary greatly, each person according to their own requirements and economic conditions to select.

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