Thursday, December 8, 2011

Teeth Whitening: How to remove the yellow and black teeth

Teeth whitening with the help of new technology, whether it is the color of teeth, shape or arrangement can easily fake, to help you easily remove the yellow and black teeth.

Ultrasonic scaling

Easily lead to tartar accumulation of plaque, causing gingivitis, periodontal disease. Treatment at the same time, tooth neck, adjacent to the surface to remove the stones, ultrasonic scaling dental calculi mainly for part removal. Teeth whitening said there will be. Thick layer dental instruments of dye, by ultrasonic scaling, you can also remove most. However, dental cavity, a groove, or the place adjacent to the surface, staining is not easy to clear.

Tooth bleaching activity

Into the carbonate hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening Denture by individuals. Set it firmly in the teeth, with the growth of drug action time, teeth will gradually lighten the color, white. This method is simple, consumers can do their own home, you can decide the number of teeth to be bleached teeth, the number of times and each time to bleach bleaching time. But the longer course of treatment, patients generally want to achieve the whitening effect. In addition, the drug itself to the teeth, how many are on the soft tissue injury, is best done under the guidance of the dentist.

Laser teeth whitening

Organic pigments in the tooth bleaching loved water-based pigment-free structure, the use of higher concentrations of bleach (H2O2 and enhanced by a special substance hydrogen peroxide bleaching. Whitening effect can be achieved in a short time the effect What are the difficulty of adult orthodontic tooth of whitening teeth, although Drug use hydrogen peroxide can whiten teeth, but more or less of their own teeth and soft tissue around the teeth hurt, but generally a few weeks to recover.

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