Sunday, December 18, 2011

Porcelain dental restoration can cause you harm

Porcelain teeth is the most typical kind of dental restoration techniques, the repair technique is widely welcomed and favored friends of patients, porcelain teeth teeth of various colors, abnormal teeth have a good effect, allowing it to dental instruments become neat white . But many things often has two sides, since there are a good side, there is bound to the other side, then porcelain dental restoration can cause harm it?

Although, porcelain dental restoration as a means of repair, both to meet people to make up for the insufficiency, but also to meet people's pursuit of beauty. But, after all, is just a porcelain tooth to load our mouth restoration, with some limitations of their own or that harm. What are porcelain teeth that harm it? Experts said the porcelain teeth into the general vicinity of both sides will damage our good teeth, and reduce the life of adjacent teeth. In addition, experts also pointed out that some porcelain teeth will make some friends, some patients with metal allergy phenomenon, inducing some abnormal gum color changes.

In the majority of beauty experts advise people to do porcelain dental restoration, you only need a good selection of material on our body is not harmful, so do the Teeth should be promptly corrected malocclusion porcelain teeth will go to regular hospitals, with only regular first-class hospital will be physicians his assistant, you pick good material, so that our bodies after cure is no harm.

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