Monday, December 19, 2011

Good way to treat dental caries

The most common method of treatment of dental caries is to use composite resin dental materials, while in Western countries, but many dentists are using all-ceramic dental approach to the treatment of dental caries. After high temperature treatment of all-ceramic tooth is not only durable, but the surface of bacteria can not survive, which is like wearing a solid teeth, "gown", which makes the dangers of dental caries and you missed.

According to dental experts, dental center experts, many patients because the production of porcelain teeth grinding in addition to a number of tooth structure and dental instruments be scared, in fact, only a dentist rubbed uneven, has been scarred and not tooth enamel essence, it will not hurt the teeth, on the contrary was able to restore masticatory function of teeth, and tooth wear a solid "gown" to make it against the bacteria from the outside world. Porcelain teeth can not only make your teeth become crystal clear, very beautiful, but also treat many oral diseases, to make your teeth more healthy.

All-ceramic dental Haishi best fix missing teeth, chewing function greatly restored after the repair, the chewing efficiency was significantly higher, there will be Root canal disinfection no foreign body sensation in the mouth, form Yanse natural beauty, is the latest international fashion beauty of teeth.

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