Friday, December 9, 2011

Root canal treatment affecting health?

When your teeth pain doctor, the dentist often will tell you, your teeth need to do a root canal treatment. Do you know what the root canal treatment?

Root canal therapy is the root canal by removing the necrotic material, proper disinfection of root canal filling, root canal to remove the contents of the periapical tissue of adverse stimuli, prevent the occurrence of periapical lesions or promote the healing of periapical lesions a treatment method. Pulp necrosis and chronic pulpitis (including periapical granuloma, periapical dental instruments abscess, periapical cyst), pulp and periodontal syndrome, systemic disease should not be in need of treatment or tooth extraction and teeth are being retained required for root canal therapy.

Health effects do root canal treatment

Many people often ask the doctor, pulled out the tooth nerve, the brain is affected? Because he wanted the central nervous system is certainly connected with the brain, which is very common clinical problem, and there is a lot of people misunderstanding. We usually refer to the nerve, the competent person's feelings. However, when we refer to in the oral outpatient treatment of nerve, pulp only refers to the nerve, the nerve inside the tooth, the teeth is an empty tube, there are nerves, blood vessels, as well as arteries, veins, this is the role of sensory nerve more intense cold and sweet and sour stimuli. Under normal circumstances, this part of the nerve is not obvious to the brain to sensory signals.

The main function of the nerve inside the tooth is made ​​nutrition odontoblast, minor tooth wear, or the accumulation of a long natural process into a severe attrition, will be repaired by the proliferation of dentin, which is human protection. Part in order to maintain the thickness of the teeth, dental hard tissues to grow a little, but the speed is limited, with age, becoming less and Ten advantages of porcelain veneers allows you to choose less speed. After the nerve pulled out, this feature is not, and did not lead to tooth nutrition, metabolism, so the teeth change color, become brittle. Sensory function is generally not affected. When we met the next tooth on the tooth, the pulp is not sensory nerves, but the periodontal nerves, "pull cord" has no impact on this feeling.

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