Sunday, December 25, 2011

Who should set a fixed denture

Inlay fixed partial denture indications: Not all tooth loss can approach with a fixed denture repair, it generally applies to the following two cases.

1. Dentition of the few teeth missing, and ask edentulous ridge ends or one end of the abutment to be used as a true periodontal tissue healthy enough to support the denture when chewing and its burden. And the real teeth of the crown shape, in good position, there is dental instruments no serious shortage of dental alveolar bone absorption of the situation. Can do, but also a comprehensive examination of the doctor to decide the next.

2. Aged 18 to 60 years old in good health.

Fixed partial denture advantages:

1. Fixed partial denture teeth as support by real enough, and suffered bite force after denture tooth really spread of periodontal tissue, wear after chewing a sense similar to natural teeth.

2. Fixed partial denture small, so like the original missing tooth to restore shape, wear after feeling comfortable, no foreign body sensation.

3. Fixed partial denture stability in use, support is good, in the exercise of chewing function and stability, the same place, so chewing efficiency.

4. Fixed partial denture wearing, tongue dysfunction less, will not hinder pronunciation.

The disadvantage of a fixed denture:

1. Patients can not take off the denture cleaning, so the design must ensure that the denture has good self-cleaning effect and easy to clean the mouth; otherwise, are prone to secondary caries or periodontal disease.

2. Production, due to tissue grinding incisors more patients will have discomfort. Therefore, the requirements of the patient with, and can withstand the Molars the significance of root canal treatment production process in the oral cavity for a variety of technical operations

3. Fixed partial denture cement not easily removed, if the damage or the oral cavity of denture an additional design changes, often to be removed after the redo.

4. Fixed partial denture expensive.

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