Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What are the advantages of dental porcelain inlay

Porcelain teeth is advanced dental technology, dental porcelain has many advantages, its wide application and can be an effective solution to tooth loss, teeth naturally irregular, teeth deformities and other oral problems, and microleakage good color according to the patients requirements or the surrounding tooth color than the color and color, tooth color made out of real, natural, wear, deformation, biological compatibility, easy cleaning, which can restore tooth function, but also beauty.

1. Protection of dental hard tissue and pulp: because of the need to do ceramic dental caries tooth discoloration is often more teeth, porcelain crowns produced, the entire real teeth was gold around the middle, when the force acting on the chewing teeth the dental instruments crown, will not fracture or collapse out, and the adhesive bonding porcelain crowns and porcelain floor, with good insulation, prevent damage to the pulp to external stimuli.

2. Good edge closed: a not so good or missing some teeth, through steel teeth, gold teeth wrapped up after about a decade, smell or feel pain, because dentures between the crown and the tooth is not real close together, saliva and food residue will be into it, the gradual erosion on real teeth, which appear dentures smelly, fall off, this is the result of poor denture edges closed. Edge production requirements of porcelain teeth fit in 1mm subgingival Department, with special non-water soluble adhesive materials, ensures that the edge of the seal.

3. Good biocompatibility: in particular, biological production of precious metals and all-ceramic dental porcelain teeth, because of its chemical inertness and electrical corrosion the choice of rapid orthodontic resistant, allergy-free organization, and ordinary stainless steel porcelain teeth, wearing a period of time, the gingival margin you can see the edge of a dark gray.

4. Natural beauty: the color the same color as teeth really made adjustable, permanent discoloration, better all-ceramic tooth color, refraction related to the same real teeth.

5. High strength: Well with gold ceramic powder melted together under high temperature after enough to withstand the chewing forces the mouth, teeth bonding metals and ceramics is more powerful.

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