Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Teeth whitening pigment can it?

Low-temperature luminescence, completely avoid the operation of the dental nerve stimulation. The main components of whitening agent hydrogen peroxide in tooth bleaching on the safe use has been for decades. Hydrophilic drugs and totally non-contact process of whitening gums, enamel on the tooth structure and will not cause any harm. One-time, no stimulation, no side effects whitening effect dental instruments lasts more than two years. So is recognized as the most effective and safest teeth whitening bleaching technology.

Teeth whitening pigment can it? Teeth whitening technology is the wavelength range 480-520nanometer between the high-intensity blue light, through the optical fiber transmission, multi-layer coating 30 by two special optical lens, and then through a special optical processing, separated in addition to all harmful ultraviolet and infrared, to hydrogen peroxide and a How to do porcelain dental porcelain collapse diameter of 20 nm silicon dioxide as the main whitening agent, the rapid creation of oxidation-reduction effect. Experts in the teeth whitening process through a small tube, remove the tooth surface and the deep attachment of the pigment to achieve the whitening effect.

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