Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Four Mistakes spring dental care

We need to focus on their spring dental health, the prevention of various types of dental diseases. But many people will carefully protect the teeth into the dental care is often erroneous, not only from dental care purposes, but also affect their dental health.

Dental care in the spring, the Central Standing Committee all four common errors appear here by the members that we hope can help dental care.

Do not wait until dental problems before going to hospital for examination and treatment.

Teeth hurt and swelling does not mean our teeth very healthy, many early signs of dental disease, there is no response. Suggested we should go every six months, a comprehensive oral examination, identify problems and timely treatment, the teeth nipped dental instruments in the bud stage of the disease.

Found that dental caries is not timely repair.

We found that dental caries should be there in time to the hospital for repair. Not so easy to increase further delay the extent of bad dental caries caries, affect your dental health.

Do not be alarmed occasional bleeding gums.

Everyone bleeding gums, so it was not for a second bleeding gums to make a fuss. Prolonged bleeding gums if you need to go to hospital for examination and treatment.

Daily brushing, mouthwash does not need to scaling.

Many of my friends think that brushing your teeth, gargle can Dental implant three advantages gained maintain dental health, and scaling will damage the tooth surface. This idea is wrong, daily brushing, mouthwash can effectively remove the plaque attached to the teeth, plaque, and only through regular cleanings can completely remove tartar and plaque, to maintain our dental health.

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