Monday, December 5, 2011

How long can restore it after tooth extraction

During the extraction wound filled with blood, about 15 minutes to start the formation of blood clots, gum tissue shrinkage after a few hours, so that smaller tooth extraction wound, 24 hours after the clot gradually connective tissue ingrowth, 3 to 4 days from the surrounding gingival epithelial growth and to completely cover the surface of blood clots after 2 weeks there is a growing bone tissue growth.

How long after tooth extraction can be restored? After tooth extraction in order to avoid some undesirable phenomena, in a timely manner and oral health is very important, half an hour after tooth extraction spit gauze, generally that is no longer bleeding. 1 to 2 days after tooth extraction with a small amount of blood stained saliva is normal. If there is still evidence of dental instruments bleeding, bleeding after tooth extraction that is called, the vast majority of local causes, such as gum tear, remnants of bone chips, etc., suture removal, then the yarn volume hemostasis; case of systemic causes, should be in the local treatment, while treatment according to the cause.

Want to quickly get better after tooth extraction, we need to do after a tooth extraction care. Generally within 24 hours after tooth extraction Do not rinse, but can not brush your teeth. Since about 24 hours after tooth extraction, partial alveolar wall fibroblasts just an extension to the growth of blood clots and blood clots gradually become rugged machine of. If the rush to gargle brush your teeth, it is possible to rinse away blood clots, bleeding caused by brush, empty nest or cause tooth extraction is the key first hurdle tooth pain caused by a "dry socket", extended recovery time. It should also be careful not common tongue licking wounds or sucking the wound, to prevent damage caused by wound infection, or blood clot on the wound off, continue to affect the coagulation process and cause bleeding.

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