Thursday, December 29, 2011

Periodontal scaling can cure it?

Scaling is able to play a role in the prevention of oral diseases. But some people think that scaling can treat periodontal disease, but the fact is that so? The following experts to explain to you.

Scaling does not treat periodontal disease, but can prevent periodontal disease. Experts believe that the scaling on and brush your teeth, as everyone needs. Because the brush does not guarantee the general remove all of the tartar, in half an hour remaining material that will form a new plaque, the plaque can be achieved within 30 days of the maximum amount, over time it dental instruments becomes tartar, which can cause gingivitis, tooth Zhou Yan, bleeding, bad breath, leading to loose teeth, or even fall off, and regular cleanings can make up for this deficiency.

Survey data show that 33 to 44 age group the prevalence of periodontal disease as high as 97%, 65 to 74 age group reached 99.3%, suffering from periodontal tooth extraction accounted for 44% of the total, is the adult teeth the primary cause of loss.

By ultrasonic oscillation is rapidly scaling and Easy to bad mouth the baby fussy eaters polishing, wipe the plaque attached to teeth, dental calculus. However, scaling alone can not replace daily brushing right earnest, scaling can not completely cure periodontal disease, so after scaling is found in periodontal disease, needs further diagnosis and treatment.

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