Sunday, December 4, 2011

Impact of dental porcelain teeth do it?

Some people worry that the small teeth after repair will be any adverse impact, small teeth after repair of the outside world will feel sensitive to hot and cold sweet and sour, it do not worry, the doctor will give you on behalf of the temporary crown to protect your teeth, when roasted porcelain teeth well after removing the temporary crown on behalf of porcelain teeth, coupled with the isolation of the dental instruments intermediate good bonding material, you will not have any adjusting to the contrary, put on their teeth, porcelain teeth will have a good the protective effect, no longer worried about bad teeth hole problem.

Dental Hospital experts, a physician after a formal rigorous, standardized, and correct operation, design, production of porcelain teeth, worn in the mouth of life, ordinary porcelain alloy obtained by the study, 65% can use more than 20 years , of course, have to care for themselves as the wearer. If you do not brush your teeth, eating lightly something, it will greatly reduce its service life. When you carefully brush your teeth, cleaning teeth regularly to the hospital, do not eat very hard foods, and making high-grade precious metal alloy porcelain tooth, then it can be life-long life of elderly people, a good porcelain teeth, depends on the regulate the operation of clinical engineers, the correct design, theory and professional repair technicians in close co-ordination, otherwise the repair will be difficult to Introduction grown teeth achieve the desired effect.

Currently porcelain teeth, medium and small grass-roots hospitals in China has been widely promoted and used, but not everyone can do, and some teeth too small (was small and conical), defect is too large, with physician aggregation operation is too large (normal is 2-5), common bonding material, so, pretty soon wear porcelain teeth will bonding, fall off, leading to irreversible failure of the repair, the opposite if the serious master indications, to take appropriate measures, under normal operation, the application of high performance adhesives, porcelain teeth in the mouth is not loose, you can rest assured that use.

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