Tuesday, December 27, 2011

There is no all-ceramic dental worries you

Speaking of porcelain teeth, many people may not feel strange, all-ceramic tooth can be talked about, but few people know. Today, all-ceramic tooth has become a favorite film stars, with piles of dollars in exchange for the perfect Hollywood smile is the most popular fashion.

Center experts pointed out: Although all-ceramic technology has many advantages, but its technical requirements are very high, the doctor must have a high clinical standards in order to prepare the tooth to the proper form, all-ceramic restorations bonded also dental instruments require special materials , that only a high level of repair doctor to master all-ceramic restoration techniques. Ceramic materials have good biocompatibility, will not cause staining and gum allergy, no adverse effects on the human body, as the technology continues to progress and the level of people's living standards improve, more and more patients will choose all-ceramic dental to restore their perfect smile.

Superior performance of all-ceramic dental mainly in the following areas:

1. No black line the edge of the gums, no heavy feeling, no swelling and bleeding gums.

2. With real teeth to match the light, will not have the light "shining blue tooth" embarrassment.

3. Porcelain with metal teeth comparable Your teeth are in sub compressive strength, do not have to worry about porcelain cracking phenomenon.

4. No adverse metal ion leakage will not affect health.

5. Teeth less, greater teeth to retain the original organization.

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