Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Orthodontics: wear a retainer to be ground

After removal of dental orthodontic appliances, dental deformity in order to prevent the recurrence of a period of time should also be wearing the retainer. Retainer for the vast majority of patients, it is necessary to wear, not optional. Many people think that cage is not important, so I can wear do not wear! It is not.

Because when the teeth arranged in neat rows, the teeth in the new location has not yet stable, if you do not wear the teeth after orthodontic retainer, your teeth will dental instruments move to its original position, which we call recurrence. Dental orthodontic retainer must be worn by the stability of the teeth in the new location, it has enough time to biological alterations (1 years), you have a neat is the real teeth.

So, wearing a retainer after orthodontic tooth will affect the physical exercise? Is not affected. You can as usual in a variety of sports and outdoor activities. It is Under what circumstances can implant advisable not to carry out violent, confrontational sports too strong, so as not to scratch your lips appliance.

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