Monday, December 26, 2011

The advantages of all-ceramic tooth which specific

Aluminum oxide all-ceramic tooth with its good performance and appearance and various beauty to welcome in the community set off a new wave of general U.S. dental porcelain teeth. Then the two all-ceramic alumina dental What are the advantages, let us work together to find out.

Dental experts pointed out that the aluminum oxide is a new all-ceramic dental metal-free within the crown of porcelain teeth, he owned as a new dental restoration materials roast, with its superior performance in some developed countries, a wide range of applications, deep repair material dental instruments of choice by patients. Aluminum oxide all-ceramic dental benefits also quite many, specifically in the following areas:

1. With real teeth to match the transparency, no longer in the light "shining blue tooth" embarrassment. Collection site content prohibited

2. Porcelain with metal teeth comparable compressive strength, do not have to worry about porcelain cracking phenomenon.

3. No black line the edge of the gums, no heavy Causes and prevention of tooth decay feeling, no swelling and bleeding gums, so you really feel the porcelain teeth from your own gums grow out of.

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